Philosophy Unit

Philosophy questions represent some of the most exciting, puzzling, important and relevant questions that we can ask.  Our political, economic and legal systems are all based on answers to fundamental philosophical questions.  This unit is about learning to explore and examine those questions and to better understand the elements of our society that are based on them.

Lesson #6: The Persuasive Paper

Handouts & Readings
How to guide for essay writing
Essay Planning Worksheet
Transitions in Academic Writing
Essay Rubric
Research Paper Self Assessment

Research and Information: a selection resources on the bike helmet issue in Vancouver
City of Vancouver: Cycling regulations
Mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Canada
Vancouver Sun: Heads spinning over cycling helmet laws
I Support Adult Helmet Choice
VancCityBuzz: Vancouver bike share program delayed until 2014
The Times: Should bike helmets be compulsory?
The Bike Helmet Dilemna: Freedom and Choice vs Safety
The Guardian: Cycle Helmets – I defend to the last the right not to wear one

Lesson #5: Economics

SS9 Economics Worksheet

Economic Philosophy

HOMEWORK: read Action Phil- Marx

Lesson #4: Political Philosophy Part 2


Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Lesson #3: Political Philosophy

The Prisoner’s Dilemma instruction sheet

HOMEWORK: Read and Answer:

SS9 Political Philosophy Worksheet

Lesson #2: Epistemology

Today we went over the basic concepts involved with epistemology and how we acquire knowledge.  We talked about the Rene Descartes comic and some of the questions associated with the reading.

HOMEWORK… please complete the following.

SS9 Epistemology Worksheet

Lesson #1: Human Nature

Hobbes on Human Nature

1. What is anarchism?

2. Why did Hobbes believe people want to co-­‐operate?

3. Why did Hobbes believe that we end in competition with each other?

4. What then did he believe is the role of the Government?

Website on Nature vs Nurture Discussion

HOMEWORK:  Read the following

Action Phil- Descartes


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