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Course Description:

Social Studies 9 examines Canada’s development and identity in the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries within a global context.  We will be focusing on the economic, political and cultural revolutions that occurred in Europe and North America at this time, while simultaneously making connections to modern day events.  We will study the geographical regions of North America and understand how geography had an impact on human activity, specifically focusing on First Nations communities.  We will conclude the year by examining the impact of European exploration and settlement in Canada and the emergence of trade and trading relationships with First Nations people.

Course Outline:

Course Rubrics and Guidelines:


Social Studies at St George’s is an integral part of our long-term Campus Master Plan which is re-imaging what teaching and learning spaces look like.  To this end, our learning space will feature more interaction between classes.  This means that throughout the year, you will work with not only your specified teacher and classmates, but the other classes and teachers as well.  Teachers are working together closely to plan and deliver learning opportunities and we look forward to learning from each other, and from you.  Get to know our entire Social Studies 9 teaching team by clicking through the class tabs above, and saying hello to us!

Mr Chapman
Socials 8, Socials 9, Socials 10, Geography 12, Harker Hall House Parent

Mr DaSilva
Socials 8, Socials 9, PE

Mr Kern
Socials 9, Director of Learning

Ms Konopaki
Socials 8, Socials 9, Socials 10

Ms McLean
Socials 9, Socials 10, AP Human Geography, Service Learning, Saints Conference (MUN, Debate & Public Speaking), CAIS Conference

Ms Warner
Socials 9, Socials 11, Law 12


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